My Favorite Body Scrub

I have been making this body scrub for a few years. I LOVE how it makes my skin feel and it’s 100% natural. I use this on my face & body in the shower. Coconut oil is naturally absorbed by the skin so people with oily skin like me, don’t need to worry. I’ll share my favorite face routine later but I don’t get oily skin or breakouts any more. 😉

All you need to make this is:
1/4 c Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin
1/2 c Brown Sugar Organic
1/2 c Used Organic Coffee Grinds (if you don’t drink coffee, get your local coffee shop to save you some – I’m trying espresso ground for next batch)
Mix it all together (you can melt the oil if you want – either way works).
I put mine in small containers with lid and spoons. I double the recipe because this is a wonderful gift and super easy.I used these jars:

And these spoons:


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