Glamour Styled Shoot –

This is what gets me going. A shoot that is at the mercy of the photographer. Sometimes it’s hard to trust that someone will do right by you. This is that time. As photographers, we want you to not just look amazing but to FEEL amazing. Nothing feels as great as a shoot with a hair and makeup artist – it’s like being a model for the day.
The slip, omg, the adorable slip my girlfriend gave me is so awesome. I got a suitcase FULL of them (like 15?) and they are all vintage and each unique and gorgeous.
Jewelry is awesome on your shoot – heck, any accessories are great! Hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings – more bling, more fun.
Of course, I had to do the flower shot…
Hair and Makeup by Lisa Button
Studio provided by my girl Kathleen Hall (amazing photographer)

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