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Biya, a friend of my niece from school, talented beyond belief! Piano, Guitar, Bass, Horse Riding, and ummmmm a PILOT. Wise beyond her years. This was such a fun shoot. I was blessed to have met this gorgeous girl!

To say I wasn’t thrilled to take the photos of my awesome niece would be an understatement. This girl was 4 when I met her first. Couldn’t understand a word she said and she said SO much! My favorite memory of her is at Christmas when EVERY present she opened was her “favorite present ever!”. It was adorable and she still is. I only wish she lived closer.

Stacie was another senior I met in Texas. Her mom wanted to give her the whole package. I loved having Kristin Colaneri there to do hair & makeup. She was simply amazing.
Stacie is one of those fun girls who didn’t take herself seriously which allowed us to have such a great session.

Lauren, she’s gorgeous yes. But she’s also incredibly beautiful inside. Lauren graduated in 2007. I was living in TX where I started my photography business.

Humza was with me, we had fun playing and shooting. The session was a long one but flew by. Kristin Colaneri did Lauren’s gorgeous hair & makeup.

The images here are the Senior Book.