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I was thrilled & honored to do London’s senior photos. Such a dynamic girl – cheerleader, girls flag-football player (though no doubt she could handle a guys game easy), homecoming queen, the list goes on and on. And she works at my favorite place in town – Twistie Treat.

She’s at that age where she’s still funny and silly but quite a lady as well.

I know you hate to hear it gorgeous, but you’ll always be your mom’s baby girl. Embrace it.  

Aubry – I met him on MYSPACE when I was first trying to get into Senior Portraits. He was just in 10th grade and wanted so bad to be one of my Senior Reps. We got together with his friend Danielle and we had SO much fun. Sadly we moved the year of his Senior year and I didn’t get to do his actual senior photos. I can still recall this shoot clearly. Such great young people! Julie was with me on this shoot. 


Soccer player – a VERY good one at that, was a great day. It started off with Tate & his friend riding with me to Dallas, where my GPS told me to go UP an exit ramp (thankfully it was closed) – I’m sure I had his confidence at this point… None-the-less, we had fun and no one was injured. The images here were his Senior Book.

Dallas, I’ve known this young lady since she was a small child. Her parents went to school with my husband & his brother and came to our wedding, family gatherings… you get the idea. It’s so incredible to me to shoot these young adults – makes you feel old.
Dallas was so fun! She even kissed the cow for me! How cool is that? I adore her.

Tyler was one of those guys you meet and you just adore him. He’s quiet at first but then very open once he warms up. Of course, having a camera pointed at you can be a bit intimidating…
His family was also very fun. They also took our sugar glider and found him a good home.:)
The images here are from Tyler’s Senior Book.