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I love getting back to Dallas to shoot my clients. This year, I discovered a wonderful hidden jewel of a place to take them. I fell in love with this place and so did my clients.
This is the C’s girls. I’ve been shooting them since they were TINY. It’s an honor to watch them grow up through the years. We had a blast and got to surprise Mom & Dad who were not in attendance for the shoot.

As in any profession, keeping yourself educated is key to staying on top of your game and for inspiring you to create. These were a few favorite images from the different lighting that we played with. My favorite is natural lighting of course.:)

I knew the minute I met Anne that I was going to love being her Photographer. She is SOOOOOO easy going and not at all about drama. Ben of course, like all the guys I work with, was just comfortable doing whatever she asked. They are so very balanced it’s heart warming.

I know they will have a lifetime of happiness and bliss. It’s Kismet – 

We had a wonderful time in Nebraska for my husbands Family Reunion. Getting to see family and having the memory recall of them from reunions past – without kids, with babies, seeing the babies as mid-teens, it really makes you appreciate the old saying “time flies”. It does! I got a few minutes with his cousins children and took a few quick shots with them. They were fun to shoot. We did this as a surprise for their parents. 

A local and very loved hero is finally back on American soil but the road ahead is still unknown. After the HumV he was riding in ran over an IED (incendiary explosive device) while on duty, Levi was in critical condition. Numerous injuries and still in a foreign country, you can only imagine what our dear friends Dave & Judy Eaves were going through hearing the news. After several days and Levi stabilizing to the point they were comfortable to transport him, he was lifted to Germany. His family was flown there to finally have contact with him. Now he is back in the US. Thankfully, I was blessed to have met Levi when he was home for Christmas in 2013 and took family photos of him and his amazing family. Levi needs lots of support and love. Please give your warm thoughts/prayers towards him. He is fighting and he is strong. Today, our community rallied together for him and showed their support for this young man. You can check out his page at Here’s a few images we captured today. Thank you Mike Ogle for your help on the camera.