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Many people contact me about wedding photography. So many times, it seems *this* is where the bride to be is looking for cutting costs. I’m not cheap and I’m not super expensive. Of ALL the things you’re looking to go cheap on, your images should be about quality and not price.

When you decide to look for a wedding photographer, do you want someone “portfolio building” your big day? Do you want someone who’s never photographed a wedding to make you their “first”? Simply to save some money?

Find someone with experience. I’ve been shooting weddings for over 10 years across this country and in other countries. It’s a lot of work and you need to know how to use a camera before you get out there. You want someone with gear. I can’t tell you how many times a camera or card has failed and if you don’t have backup, you’re day is gone un-captured.

Ask what is included in your package (make sure your contract states it as well) and how long it takes to get your images. Will they be edited?  My personal turnaround rule is 2-3 weeks when I’m slammed but I really try to get them to my client within 1-2 weeks. If you are fighting with a photographer over your images (I’ve heard stories from people saying it’s taken over 6 months and some still haven’t gotten delivery), you will have some resentment towards the images when you see them. I shoot families, babies, etc., so for me, I want to be your family photographer and keeping you happy is first and foremost on my list, not just collecting money.

Sadly, there are photographers out there who will steal (“borrow”) images from other photographers to represent as their own work when they weren’t even near the wedding. Look at the prospective photographers images (is the style fairly consistent?) and get referrals (people they’ve shot weddings of). Ask the person referred if they posted any of the images so you can see them. Ask what the turnaround time was.

Lastly – you want someone FUN. Our energy is what comes out in the photos. If you have a boring photographer, your images will be boring.
Whenever possible, do the ‘Engagement Session’ with the photographer. This gives you ample opportunity to see if you’re a fit. If you don’t mesh at the engagement shoot, you won’t mesh during your wedding. It’s better to find out before your wedding if you like them or not.

Your photos are likely the one thing you’ll be referring to about the happiest day of your life. You’re investing in something you’ll look at for many many years to come. You won’t get your wedding day back, so make sure you pick the best person for the job, not the cheapest.

It’s always a bit nerve racking when you don’t get to meet the bride until the day of the wedding but I felt like I knew them forever. This couple were so sweet and fun, it was just a perfect match.
They’re from Chicago, but wanted a destination wedding and decided on gorgeous Amelia Island (Omni Plantation).
This was so much fun. So low stress. So… P E R F E C T.
To my bride and groom, congratulations and I hope you come back and hang out in beautiful Tarpon Springs, FL. You’d LOVE it here.
Thank you again for choosing us to capture your amazing day. We are truly honored.

This wedding was incredible. From the delightful decor to the families – both were just wonderful. The fun, casualness of the event made shooting a blast.
I love being trusted with someone’s “forever” images. That is something to cherish for me, as much as their images are for them.
The beauty of it all was this bride was completely unshaken. Limo service didn’t show up to pick up the bridal party causing them to be late to the event, flowers were not all there (no throw away bouquet), the cake topper was missing for a bit (but found), and through it all, all she cared about was Nick and getting married to the man she loved more than anything. As long as *that* happened, that was a perfect day for her.
My goal was to capture the personalities, the love and the emotion of the day. I believe I did just that.

And another of my favorite clients and friends. I’ve been honored to photograph that gorgeous little R from baby to young miss thing. Her older sister caught my eye the week we moved to TX. We were at a Halloween party for the neighborhood and all I wanted to do was get a picture of her gorgeousness. She was Minnie Mouse and her blonde curly hair was to die for. I had no idea that we would get some amazing friends to go with that beautiful girl.

The W’s are another family who’ve been clients and friends since we moved to TX in 2005. I can’t believe that my little B is going to graduate next year! I am always taken back when I realize just how little they were and how grown up they are now.