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Who Do I Choose?

Why choose Cheryl Ogle Photography?
Compare: Please, look closely at the images of the photographer you plan to use. I’ve seen a lot of work that sincerely looks like someone used a point and shoot with a flash on to get the photo. This is not “good work”. It’s snapshot photography. People come to us for amazing images that will be on their walls for years to come. Compare the work. We are confident that you will agree that this is unique and not just in the work but for each family/child we shoot. We tell your story, not ours.
Education: We constantly work our craft to push the limit and try new things. Education through workshops held by masters of our craft help ensure that you are given the quality you are paying for.
Portraiture is more than just being able to work a camera. Lighting, knowing how to use the light or work with light limitations as well as being able to “see” the picture – before you click the shutter is really the art of photography. Being able to create an image that speaks to the heart – that is what we strive for when taking your portraits. It’s not just a snapshot – it’s a snapshot of time, of who you are at that moment and being able to tell that story in a few shots; that is what we do.
Beyond the taking of the image is the work behind the image. The darkroom hasn’t disappeared with digital photography, in fact, our work is far more time consuming now with digital enhancements. Before, you took the photo, you develop the photo and if you did your own developing, you dodged and burned the image but that was about it.
On top of the continual education, we belong to PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and co-founder of the charity NAOCP (National Association of Charitable Photographers).
Price: Is it worth the price? Absolutely. Your family is the best art you’ve ever created, why would you put some poster/lithograph on your wall when you can look at your own amazing creations (family/children) every day? Look through the gallery, if these are the kind of images you want on your wall, you need to call. You won’t find this quality and work just anywhere. You are given a 100% guarantee that if you don’t love your images, I will refund or retake your images, it’s your choice.
Remember, paying less for images you hate isn’t a good deal because you will end up finding someone else to do them and you’ve wasted time and energy to get them taken yet again. Or, if you keep the bad images, you will have a negative feeling around you the whole year and who needs that?
I look forward to working with your family.