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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Blast To The Past VII

Aubry – I met him on MYSPACE when I was first trying to get into Senior Portraits. He was just in 10th grade and wanted so bad to beView full post »

Blast To The Past VI

Tate, Soccer player – a VERY good one at that, was a great day. It started off with Tate & his friend riding with me to Dallas,View full post »

Blast To The Past VI

Dallas, I’ve known this young lady since she was a small child. Her parents went to school with my husband & his brother and cameView full post »

Blast To The Past V

Tyler was one of those guys you meet and you just adore him. He’s quiet at first but then very open once he warms up. Of course,View full post »

Blast To The Past IV

Biya, a friend of my niece from school, talented beyond belief! Piano, Guitar, Bass, Horse Riding, and ummmmm a PILOT. Wise beyond herView full post »

Blast To The Past III

To say I wasn’t thrilled to take the photos of my awesome niece would be an understatement. This girl was 4 when I met her first.View full post »

Blast to the Past II

Stacie was another senior I met in Texas. Her mom wanted to give her the whole package. I loved having Kristin Colaneri there to do hairView full post »

One of those girls, you remember years after you met…

Lauren, she’s gorgeous yes. But she’s also incredibly beautiful inside. Lauren graduated in 2007. I was living in TX where IView full post »

Let’s pretend we’re surprised…

…even if you just KNEW they were going to tie-the-knot eventually. They are just perfect together. Before weddings, I like to shootView full post »

And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…

Ok, a little quote from my favorite comedy romance – A Princess Bride. You know how you can just tell when something just clicks? IView full post »