First Time In New York

I can FINALLY say that I’ve been to New York! I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life and a Giants fan since I was 20 so it was odd that a girl from the West Coast (Seattle) was a fan of teams for a city she’d never stepped foot in…
I’ve wanted to go to NY for as long as I remember. It’s not cheap and certainly more so when you have kids so it was perfect timing to go when the kids were old enough to stay home, 8 & 9 years old – KIDDING they’re 18 & 19. 🙂
My husband gave me the best birthday gift and was the best tour guide I could ask for on top of it all.
New York is really not a place you want to get help on where to go from friends because that city will be a trip different for everyone. For someone like me who loves architecture it’s about the buildings, bridges and the 9/11 memorial. For someone who likes to shop, it’s about 5th Ave or even China Town. I get now why my friends struggled with telling me the best places to go. Instead, maybe look at the top places to visit and create your own adventure.

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