When Everything Just Comes Together…

I met William and Cynthia, who came to Saint Petersburg FL to get married on the beach with their closest friends, Dawn & Randy (who live here). Randy officiated their wedding and Dawn was the matron of honor.
I asked to meet them before the big day and found them near the location where they planned to tie the knot. It was POURING – so much so, the streets were flooding. This was a Friday and their special day was Sunday. We quickly made backup plans in case the weather was not going to cooperate and we prayed.
I could tell then and there that these two literally roll with the flow. So not worried about weather conditions, what mattered to them was the most important part – sealing their union with people they loved.
Of course, the weather was AMAZING and the day went without a single hitch.
My favorite part was just seeing the way they look at each other with sheer joy and love.
We became fast friends. I adore these two and the bonus – Randy & Dawn are just as amazing.
I look forward to seeing William & Cyndi when they return. Maybe one day for good…

If you’re looking for an officiant for your intimate beach wedding, message me! I’ll get you Randy’s info. He is awesome.

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