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Aubrie is my girlfriends daughter.  I’ve been wanting to use the black tule skirt forever so it’s great to finally have done that. This was such a fun shoot. There are times when I miss a studio. Kathleen was kind enough to let us play with hers. Thank you Kathleen!
Aubrey does her own hair and makeup like a pro.

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These two are so adorable. I can’t even start to describe them because they are beyond words sweet to each other. They share the same sense of humor yet both are so uniquely themselves.
I met Caroline at Aveda School in Clearwater. She took amazing care of my hair. When we met, she asked what I did, then squealed that she was getting married in October and hadn’t found her wedding photographer yet. Kismet!
The wedding was full of people who love this couple. Both families were amazing. Truly a fun day!

I give to you – the Lutz/Darby union…

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  • March 31, 2016 - 3:02 pm

    admin - Love it!

I can FINALLY say that I’ve been to New York! I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life and a Giants fan since I was 20 so it was odd that a girl from the West Coast (Seattle) was a fan of teams for a city she’d never stepped foot in…
I’ve wanted to go to NY for as long as I remember. It’s not cheap and certainly more so when you have kids so it was perfect timing to go when the kids were old enough to stay home, 8 & 9 years old – KIDDING they’re 18 & 19. 🙂
My husband gave me the best birthday gift and was the best tour guide I could ask for on top of it all.
New York is really not a place you want to get help on where to go from friends because that city will be a trip different for everyone. For someone like me who loves architecture it’s about the buildings, bridges and the 9/11 memorial. For someone who likes to shop, it’s about 5th Ave or even China Town. I get now why my friends struggled with telling me the best places to go. Instead, maybe look at the top places to visit and create your own adventure.

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What an honor it was to shoot the Rock O’ Ween bash this year. The people were a blast and and the band (The Spazmatics) were so fun and had people dancing the whole night to a barage of 80’s hits. Lucas Magazine hosts the party & silent auction for charity each year.
For a sneak peak into the night’s festivities, here’s a small trailer of the images:

Here’s a link to all of the images themselves with free download to the images:

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This is what gets me going. A shoot that is at the mercy of the photographer. Sometimes it’s hard to trust that someone will do right by you. This is that time. As photographers, we want you to not just look amazing but to FEEL amazing. Nothing feels as great as a shoot with a hair and makeup artist – it’s like being a model for the day.
The slip, omg, the adorable slip my girlfriend gave me is so awesome. I got a suitcase FULL of them (like 15?) and they are all vintage and each unique and gorgeous.
Jewelry is awesome on your shoot – heck, any accessories are great! Hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings – more bling, more fun.
Of course, I had to do the flower shot…
Hair and Makeup by Lisa Button
Studio provided by my girl Kathleen Hall (amazing photographer)

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